Cyphertag products -
FEIG ELECTRONIC’s products are split in to several areas -
Classic – 125 KHz readers for, access control, ticketing, parking and data acquisition.
(compatible with NXP, EM, Temic and Sokymat transponders)
Classic-Pro – 13.56 MHz readers for access control, ePayment, ticketing, and general proximity reading.
(compatible with ISO15693 and ISO14443 A/B)
i-Scan HF – 13.56 MHz readers for mid and long range reading of transponders in applications such as, supply chain, logistics, library, medical supplies and laundry applications.
(compatible with ISO15693)
i-Scan UHF – 865-960 MHz readers for long range reading of UHF transponders in supply chain, retail, logistics, automotive and asset management..
(compatible with EPC Gen 2 and ISO18000-6)