RFID System

RFID Components Ltd, the dedicated RFID distributor

RFID Components Limited is a dedicated distributor of Radio Frequency Identification Technology. The company was established in 1995 specifically to supply RFID products to Systems Integrators, resellers and companies with in-house technical expertise, and has since become one of the leading RFID distributors in Europe. 

Our complete range of world-class products, now encompasses the full spectrum of passive and active RFID technology (LF, HF, UHF, ULR and UWB) this includes, RFID transponders (RFID tags), inlays and 'smart-labels' plus a range of hand-held and fixed RFID readers, we also offer support and advice on the design of custom RFID antenna. 

As part of the Paragon Electronics Group www.paragon-electronics.com, a leading provider of contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and electronic component supply chain management and kitting solutions with annual revenues in excess of £30m, we have the resources to offer fast responsive RFID distribution services to VAR's and resellers including off-the-shelf stock availability plus sales, technical and installation support services.

Latest News
RFID Components has been appointed PLUS Location Systems' European distributor
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